Toni Tischer



Toni Tischer  –  Tischer Studios

Artist Statement:

“Art Jewelry has been a passion for well over twenty-five  years.
I am a dedicated goldsmith committed to exploring my own esthetic in connection with anticlastic and synclastic forms both in jewelry and other functional pieces.  Anticlastic forming shows off well in larger sculpture.  I, however, have spent the last eighteen years playing with smaller more feminine ribbons.  My hand forged designs, which incorporate the use of stones and color in conjunction with different metals, give my work a unique look.  My designs have long been incorporated into, and been a part of a continuing relationship with Scavezze/Goldsmith.  My bracelets of textured wrapped silver ribbons are graceful and comfortable.  I will use stones and large baroque pearls, gold and diamonds at times for accent.  Lapis is one of my first loves and I use it liberally throughout my work.  My newest work, largely earrings, use the same textured silver.  However, I have now taken a simple anticlastic shape and double wrapped a second curl or ribbon over the top. This makes truly sculptural, three dimensional shapes.  So if you are looking for long, uniquely graceful dangle earrings, look no further.