Jerry Scavezze


Jerry Scavezze

Anticlastic Gold

Jerry Scavezze has been hand crafting jewelry for forty years. He has participated in numerous national shows, and was featured as one of 12 new designers of the year at the Jewelers of America Show in 1994 in New York City.
His work has also been featured in many magazines including Ornament, Jewelers Circular Keystone, Modern Jeweler, and National Jeweler. His work recently appeared in Lark Books “500 Earrings” and in “American Art Collector” vol. 2. His work is included in a book, “Best of America, Jewelry Artists”.

He has become nationally recognized for his current work called “Anticlastic Raising”. Anticlastic design means lightweight, sparkling, versatile, heirloom jewelry. He uses hammers to form gold into jewelry that delights the eye and enchants the wearer. Anticlastic is a term that describes the compound curves that make our jewelry three dimensional and sculptural. Words often used to describe our work are Sculptural, Movement, Lyrical, Sensual !

“I am excited about my current work because of the fluid movement it conveys, yet it is very simple and clean looking. The pieces are very three dimensional and sculptural in nature. Because of this, the pieces look good when viewed from any direction unlike traditional jewelry, which often only looks good when viewed from the front. The reflection of light off of the curved surfaces contributes to the feeling of motion, as does the physical movement of the piece on the body. Anticlastic raising is a process by which metal is deformed by the use of polished hammers and plastic mallets of various sizes and shapes. All of my anticlastic forming is done using steel hammers on plastic stakes or plastic mallets on steel stakes. The metal is not hammered into a form the shape of the earring but rather formed freehand over the stakes. I have always been fascinated by movement in jewelry and have experimented with parts that rotate, slide, spin, or otherwise move. I work in 14 and 18K gold as well as platinum.”

 Jerry’s company Scavezze-Goldsmith consists of two artists, Jerry Scavezze and Toni Tischer, both goldsmiths, working together in Salida, Colorado.