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Sally Mather

“En Plein Air”


 Sally Mather

Artist Statement:

” I am passionate about painting the landscape “en plein air” (painting on location). Holding onto the first impression and painting fast before the light changes is exhilarating.

There is an energy and freshness to plein air paintings. Each painting is a visual description of my reaction to the sight, sounds and smells of my surroundings.


The need to be creative has been pervasive in Sally’s life. Taking art classes and workshops through the years she has explored many different mediums – clay, print making, oils and watercolors. In 1998, Sally’s mother gave her some “garage sale” soft pastels. Loving the vibrancy, kinesthetic aspect and immediacy of the medium Sally got hooked.

In 1999, Sally moved to Salida. Surrounded by mountains in the beautiful Arkansas Valley it was a natural evolution to start painting “en plein air”. Connecting with nature and painting outdoors has fed the creative process. Most recently, during the long cold winter months, she has revisited oil painting.

Sally Mather