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Rollin Karg

How does an Industrial engineer come to be an accomplished artist?


Rollin Karg, engineer turned photographer turned potter turned woodworker turned glassblower,
has turned one of his one-time hobbies into a full time career. He attributes his artistic inclination in part to a strong desire to work with his hands, coupled with the inspiring, park like location of his studio. The tree studded setting is an ironic oasis in Kechi. This is where Rollin creates his fragile one-of-a-kind treasures.


Standing under his spectacular awning and facing the furnace he built, Rollin concentrates on working the hot glass.  Skillfully he turns a flowing globe, adding intricate, colorful designs to the crystal-clear mass. The fiery furnace and forces of gravity heighten the artists’ exhilaration at bringing dramatic form to the soft, hot glass. The excitement is intensified by nature’s own beautiful backdrop, and exquisitely unique glass pieces are born.

Rollin studied hot glass at Emporia State University, commuting from Wichita, while building his first furnace. He originally came to Wichita to attend Wichita State University on a football scholarship His birthplace was Columbus, Ohio, but he was raised in Miami, Florida. Many changes have taken place in his artistic direction since he came to Wichita over thirty years ago.

Witness the magic of Rollin’s glassblowing first hand. Visit the studio\gallery during business hours. Tours are available. Or simply hold the magic in your hand when you visit his studio, art show. or in discriminating galleries and private collections across the United States and Europe.