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Fine Wood Craft

Keith Gotschall 


Rodney Taylor

Fine Wood Craft at Gallery 150

Fine wood at gallery 150 includes both functional and nonfunctional items.

We have Turned wood bowls, Vases, Jewelry boxes, Hollow vessels, Salad Bowls and more, all hand signed by the artists.

Keith Gotschall, A Salida resident is our master wood turner. His work exhibits the very best craftsmanship in wood turning. Keith uses the best hard woods for grain and exotic look and feel: Ebony, Mahogany, Cocobolo, Walnut and others. His wood turning is a luxury to own. While most of Keith Gotschall pieces are decorative only, we do have some Salad bowls that would elevate any salad or fruit to a higher plane.

Rodney Taylor is our newest wood turner. His art is all about celebrating the wood, the texture and grain of unusual burls. Rodney turns affordable hollow vessels, full of the philosophy of the earth. His work qualifies for that term created by artist, sculptor.