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Ceramics and Pottery at Gallery 150

Brenda McMahon


Karen LeBlond

Ceramics and Pottery at Gallery 150 range from functional to nonfunctional vessels and sculptures.

Karen LeBlond and Brenda McMahon class up the gallery with their sophisticated and diverse view of clay. Karen LeBlond’s vases and bowls are finely-glazed thrown porcelain which is then finished as Raku. Her raku then becomes very unconventional with her metallic golds and coppers even though her forms are most classic in nature.  Brenda McMahon’s expertise is Sager-Fired Porcelain which becomes perfectly formed Porcelain Vases, Jars and bowls. Her work is a quiet meditation and soul calming Zen. Sager-Fired pottery is a high fire process involving organic material, much like raku. Each kiln load of work provides a new surprise.