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Silk Clothing, Bags, Sunglasses

Jane Templeton


Karin Frye

 Silk Clothing, Bags, Sunglasses at Gallery 150

Fashion forward, Trendy…….

 Wearable Art at Gallery 150 includes Hand Painted Silk Jackets and Vests by Jennifer Charles, Very fun and wonderful hand painted collection of Sunglasses and Readers by Karin Frye and Hand made Leather and Tapestry Purses and Bags by Maple Leather.  These designers have an eye not only for gorgeous, but also for Functional wear as well.

Karin Frye’s glasses and readers, while they make you feel great about yourself, they also enable you to read that menu at the restaurant. Karin paints on Reading Glasses, Sunglasses with Readers on them, and normal Sunglasses. All of her glasses have quality lenses and frames.

 Maple Leather Bags while being the softest of leather have pockets and compartments right where they should be. Some of their Tapestry handbags are individuals that hook together to make one bag and can be unclipped so you can carry one, two or three compartments.

 Jennifer Charles designed the most feminine hand painted silk Jackets and shells we have seen yet.