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Bailey Escapule- Bronze

Dennis Thompson

Shelley & Michael Buonaiuto

Sculpture at Gallery 150

Delicious Artwork in 3-D! – Wall Sculpture, Table Sculptures in Bronze, Glass and Wood all created to delight the eye and please the mind. Sculpture at Gallery 150 fits into home life as well as at work or at a business. We carry serious Contemporary Art from Rollin Karg to the whimsical and the fun loving Critters from Sugar Post

Shelley Buonaiuto’s people are not to be missed. They party, play, gossip and generally pass their pure joy on to everyone who comes in contact with them. Shelly Buonaiuto’s sculptures are cast resin from Bronze Originals which are then hand painted.

Rollin Karg of Karg art glass, abstract art glass sculptures which are monumental sculptures that fit on a table top. They celebrate all that is glass and color. Rollin’s work often incorporates dichroic glass, which flashes and glitters in the light.

Dennis Thompson’s name is synonymous with Dragons. His sculptures, while they are ceramic and porcelain retain all the detail and glory of bronze, his study of wildlife and dinosaurs give his dragons muscle and weight. They are fierce guardians with opal eyes and long sharp porcelain claws. Even the babies, his hatchlings, are fierce and insistent on being released from their eggs.