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Adajio Earrings

Carolyn Henderson

Cheryl Swartz

Eric & Mindy Candee

Jerry Scavezze

Leah Cerise

Susan Bucknam

Toni  Tischer

Jewelry at Gallery 150

Jewelry you will find at Gallery 150 is as varied as the Colorado weather.

We have Original Studio Jewelry from $22 to $20 thousand.

Jerry Scavezze and Toni Tischer hand forge Gold and Silver into wonderfully classic heirloom designs. We use a technique called anticlastic raising to make our jewelry. This technique allows us to create sculptural, three dimensional jewelry. Jerry forges 14k and 18k gold into heirloom earrings, diamond earrings, diamond rings, bracelets, and Pendants. Toni Tischer of Tischer Studios and Scavezze Goldsmith hammers out silver jewelry, often overlapping double anticlastic ribbons, accented with drops of pearls and semi-precious beads.

Susan Bucknam’s Jewelry is an affordable celebration of Sterling Silver and colorful unique stones. Susan designs around a chosen stone and strives to keep it simple. Her silver necklaces are timeless and beautiful.

Leah Cerise crochets her Jewelry using bead and semi precious stones. Her work is amazing, creative and unique.

We also carry studio craftsmen who use Paper, Anodized Aluminum, and other alternative metals. If you are Shopping for an unusual design come see us.  The exceptional talent of our artists ensures that one of us will be able to build that custom piece for you.