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Fine Furniture

Gary Hand

Furniture at Gallery 150

Heirloom Studio Furniture, pure and simple, gorgeous Fine Furniture.

Wood found at Gallery 150 has contemporary lines and forms that play with grain, texture, and color.  The craftsmanship is impeccable and noteworthy in all of the fine furniture we have on display. We have Hand Crafted Sofa Tables, End Tables, Jewelry boxes, and the most amazing of Desks.

Gary Hand is not only a talented craftsmen, but is also a problem solver. He actually enjoys solving problems. If you have a problem area or need custom bookcases to fit an awkward space, he is your man. Gary Hand designs with curves and simple arcs. His furniture wants to dance. The legs on his Tables and Benches, while animated, retain simple elegance and contemporary lines. He details some pieces with inlay contrasting hardwoods like ebony with metal-like large pieces of textured or wrinkled patina pieces of Copper such as the tall entertainment center Gary built with large panels of woven copper in the doors.

Studio Furniture is a carefully considered purchase, which reflect’s not only the craftsman who designed and made it but the owner and his or her home as well. Gallery 150 can make that connection, between artist and your home for years of joy: So if a custom piece is necessary come see us.