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Casanova Glass

Dehanna Blown Glassworks

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Henry Levine

Jon Bush

 Peter Muller

Nunwell Glass

Rollin Karg

Art Glass at Gallery 150

Great Swirls of Color: Art Glass, the whole color spectrum contained in sophisticated contemporary forms. It is like bringing an afternoon at the botanic gardens inside forever, Glass Vases, Bowls, functional glass and purely decorative glass.


Gallery 150 has become known for the Art Glass we carry.

We have powder coated steel abstract sculptures by Rollin Karg, Lamps by Casanova Glass, tumblers by Jon Bush and vases by Henry Levine and Cats by Nunwell Glass, the list goes on and on.

A whole new world inside a paperweight,  We have Art Glass to inspire, to impress, and to use.

Be sure to watch the short videos we have posted on both Rollin Karg’s page and Henry Levine’s page. Blowing glass is at once a hot labor of love and magic, years and years of practice and an hour or two.