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Metaphysical Metaphors in Glass:

“To me the world of glass is magical. Inspired by the Natural World around me, I relate to my work as a painter working with hot molten glass as my medium of choice. For me no other material handles light and color as dramatically as does glass –add light and it comes alive!


I tend to work in series, exploring a color palette doing a variety of shapes while playing with the possibilities available within those particular colors. I’m intrigued by the fluid effects and illusions of depth I’m able to capture within the thin veil of colored glass, both with and without illumination. Through building up multiple layers of molten colored glass and then manipulating its shape and density, I have developed a “vocabulary of imagery” both pleasing visually as well as expressive of the entire fluid process. One set of ideas morph into another… each piece capturing a “freeze frame” of that particular moment in time.


Working with hot molten glass has much in common with Zen calligraphy: spontaneous in that it is “the right temperature” but for a few short moments, deliberate in its application and permanent in its irreversibility. By its very nature it demands that I am totally present when working… for me glass is a meditation in action”.

Patrick Casanova
Casanova Glass Studio