Leah Cerise

Crocheted Beaded Jewelry

Leah Cerise

Artist Statement

As a child growing up at elevations above 10,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, Leah found inspiration in the natural world.

Through print making you will see the colors of a sunset and the speckles of a brown trout. Beads have always been apart of her life and that is to say anything with a hole is considered a bead and often is crocheted into her jewelry.

Leah came to print making through a high bid at an auction for a “ Print Making Party”. This included instructions, paper and ink. From that point there was no holding her back. Many workshops later and hours spent at an etching press have brought Leah to the work that is now receiving awards and being collected.

Qualities that reflect her joy of hiking to a high lake to fly-fish are mingled in the inks of solar etching or mono-print. And too, they will appear in the delicate workings of a crocheted bead necklace or bracelet. It is the natural world that inspires the colors and texture that find their way to paper and into the jewelry.

Her recent work explores solar etching using various shades of black and the white of the print paper. “The pieces have a simplicity that allows one to appreciate the line and texture. Black and white has a way of communicating the shape, the form and the essence of a object that is being portrayed in the print.”

“In responding to the natural world and placing what is seen and understood through my eye onto paper or into jewelry is an intimate sharing of the world I live in, an invitation to explore beyond what is seen and to experience that world through the colors or lack of in print making and beadwork. “