Keith Gotschall

Wood Turning


Keith Gotschall

Artist Statement:

 “In a nutshell, I build things. My background is in furniture design and building, I have expanded that to include woodturning, which has pretty much taken over much of my working day.

I also have a penchant for stone sculpting and would jump at the opportunity to do larger projects….”

 “I am a Craftsman. That statement says a lot for me. Yes, I am an artist too, but on the most familiar scale I am a craftsman. I make furniture, wood turn both functional and decorative items. I teach wood turning. I sculpt both wood and stone. My intent as the maker is important to me. I try to bring this intent, this same feeling and set of skills to everything I do throughout the day. I make things well, with a thought toward good design and pleasing use. I try to make things that will last, that will have a life of their own after I am gone. Sometimes whimsical, often practical, but always honest.”