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Karen LeBlond

Artist Statement:


I have been creating pottery since 1973. Starting with the Boulder Potters Guild and Boulder City Lab. My work for the past decade has been Raku and Terra Sigilatta.

The influence has always been Oriental and Raku lends itself well to that. Currently I am working with ferric chloride vapor fuming. This is done outside the kiln while the piece is still approximately 1500 degrees F. and is applied with an air brush before the post firing reduction. It creates the beautiful gold luster that seems to emit a light of its own. Another direction I am going is using polished terra sigilatta of color, white and terra cotta and then doing another post firing technique including horse hair in the process. This horse hair firing is widely used in the American Southwest but it is a very spontaneous effect and much less demanding than Raku. So I do it for relaxation.

In my thirty plus years as a professional potter I have done and still do everything from functional porcelain pieces, dinner sets, and a variety of Raku tea bowls that are pleasing to the eye and touch possessing a peaceful inner glow. Also enjoyable to me is the construction of large low relief wall sculpture that depicts the beautiful rugged outdoors of the West in color and texture captured in clay.

My studio is in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado, nestled between the Sierra Mojadas (Wet Mountains) on the east and the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains on the west. I am available for special effect clay classes in Raku, Terra Sigilatta, horsehair and pit firing upon request. You can plan your educational vacation around exciting classes and stunning surroundings