Jon Bush

Hot Glass Ranch


I am a Glassblower. I make blown glass pieces in the style of the Tiffany Glass Company, circa 1890’s. I sell my glass at Festivals, through galleries and in shops throughout the United States. 

In the summer months I also demonstrate my work at The Colorado Renaissance Festival, where I operate a fully functioning glass studio. I enjoy the direct feedback from my audiences regarding what is appreciated or in demand. I produce and sell an enormous amount of work. People see my work and are impressed by the range of items that I make. They often think that I represent a group of workers because often, glass shops are organized this way, I, however am rare in that I do all the blowing myself.I also build my own equipment formulate and mix the batch, Ioad and melt the glass, design the work, do the grinding and polishing, and take the wares to market. Literally, throngs of thousands watch me blow glass each summer in my open air studio. My Participation throughout the years in such Festivals has been and continues to be an immersion into the tides of humanity and the work I love.

Customers often bring special requests to me. Together we work out the feasibility of their requests and then I manifest their ideas in glass. I, as result of a formal education and attempting to satisfy all requests, I’ve learned to fill a shop with all categories of glasswork. I also enjoy the exchange of ideas between myself and the other crafts people at the Festivals. Many of these folks and their families live and work on site at the festival, as I do. At home on the Hot Glass Ranch in California, I enjoy blowing glass in a more controlled environment. I like working in the mild winter temperatures and away from the high profile existence of the festival demonstrator. The Ranch is open desert where my family and I find well deserved privacy, quiet and rest. There, I involve myself with the internal workings of my business, craft and family. I do much planning, studying and foundation work. Along with my blowing schedule, I do several home shows, some consultant work, and demonstrate for occasional field trips to my studio by home-schoolers and the Iocal public schools.