Garth Mudge – Glassworks of Winthrop


Garth Mudge

Garth Mudge began his glass blowing career at Emporia State University
in Kansas in 1981, where he studied glass blowing for two semesters
“for fun” and was the lab assistant for two years.
Garth received his B.S.E. in Industrial Education in 1984, and relocated to
Estes Park, Colorado, where in 1986, “The Glassworks Studio and Gallery”
was established.He has since moved to Winthrop, Washington where he owns and operates Glassworks of Winthrop.


Garth’s style of glass blowing is “offhand” which means he uses no
molds. To obtain his vision of the glass, it is necessary to work the glass
very fast and very hot so that the flowing quality of the glass is reflected in his work. This method requires extreme  focus and concentration,
particularly, when done unassisted.
Additionally, Garth does not grind his glass creations, he feels this is a more natural process and poses a greater
challenge to him as an artist. (The pieces must stand up straight and have clean pontil marks.)
Garth produces a unusually wide variety of glass pieces, ranging from traditional forms to more contemporary styles. He employs the transparency of glass to obtain depth, refractions, and subtle reflections while working with the rich colors in a painterly fashion. Garth’s philosophy, is that the smooth and natural appearance of his glass is a direct result of working in complete harmony with the glass during its brief dance through the fire.




(Photo by Toni Tischer)