Eric Candee

Wall Sculpture



Eric Candee

Artist Statement:

The deserts, forests and mountains of the west have shaped my art in a significant way.

The stones I have collected from these beautiful and austere environments; for use in my work, are representative and symbolic elements of our remaining wild places. Purity of color, uniqueness of shape and textural interest determine which stones are used. They are integrated into my work using their natural shapes intact, or by cutting, shaping and polishing as a jeweler would do.Creating and utilizing large-scale lapidary tools for working river and mountain stones enables me to fabricate geometric stone sculptures with colors unavailable from commercial stone sources. The individual stones are pinned together with stainless steel studs and chemically bonded. Stainless steel settings and infrastructure contrast the machined stones, implying society’s influence and shaping of nature.

In other works, the natural shape or texture of stones represents a symbol for specific environments. Combining these natural textured stones with steel elements creates contrast that can imply preciousness of the environment or society’s isolation from it.

Other media added to the usual mix of steel and stone can help complete the story. Symbolic elements such as industrial gears, vintage electronics, print media, wood branches, and commercial stone are often used to support the conversation of society and our environment.

 The focus of my work is to bring symbols of our environment and society together to promote thought and awareness of these two coexisting systems.