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Affordable Hand Blown Glass Floats!

Prices - 2 inches - $20.00, 3 inches - $26.00, 4 inches - $35.00 and 5 inches - $45.00. Call for Availablity

Dehanna Jones

Glass Artist

“I’m a Glass Minimalist. This term is not descriptive of the work itself as many of my designs are quite ornate; rather, it defines the process.

Glassblowing is an ancient art form. The tools and techniques available to the modern glass worker vary little from those used by previous generations. I believe too many glassblowers rely on traditional, complicated techniques to define their work. My belief is that the concept should be of more importance than the techniques that created them. The years involved in learning the skills to master blown glass is a life long commitment, finding the balance between design and perfecting the process is the constant challenge.

One of my first challenges I encountered in glass working was requiring that I work as part of a team. The communication between the designer, blowers, and assistants is crucial for a piece to reach final form while retaining the integrity of its original concept. Although, I do design my own lines of finely crafted vases and bowls, I am also excited to assist other artists and architects in the fabrication of glass elements for larger sculptures, installations, and homes. Overcoming the challenges of translating designs outside my own work into glass has kept me thinking about glass as more than just a vase or bowl, but as a versatile building material that transmits and reflects light.”


Dehanna Jones - Totally Blown Glass - Group of Granite Vases

Dehanna Jones – Totally Blown Glass – Group of Granite Vases