Barton DeGraaf

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Barton DeGraaf

It all started when Bart’s son was born in 2006.

He quit his corporate job in the pursuit of happiness and time to be together with family. In 2007 Bart was asked to be the featured artist for the month at a winery in Spokane. Not having any body of work to show for he was asked to come up with a theme for the show. The title of show was “From the Earth” which is where the story of the frogs begins. Without having any paintings for the show, Bart frantically began painting wine still lifes with something “from the earth”. That included wine images with frogs, ravens, cats, butterflies, dragonflies, etc.  The show was a hit..”

Now that Bart has come to accept his calling he often dreams of new paintings and never seems to run out ideas. He loves to come up with original, creative images that tell a story, reflect a personal experience, or just make you laugh. His goal is to bring a smile to the viewer and bring some happiness to the world.

Bart has been painting his whole life.  Born in Chicago, he fell in love with art at the Art Institute of Chicago. He pursued his passion and received his BFA in 1999 from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. He currently lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife Heidi and son Jon.