Nunwell Glass

Glass Sleeping Cats

Andy Pile & Leslie French

Glass Sleeping Cats

“This palm sized glass Sleeping Cat has been handcrafted in our studio in Lime Rock, Connecticut.

The tools and techniques used to sculpt the molten glass remain largely unchanged for centuries. Be assured that at least one of our cats, Cellar, Esther, Leo, Orson, Pepe, or Phoebe have overseen the creation, and that all six, have at one time or another, modeled. Leslie & Andy have been making glass together, since they met in 1986.  Soon after they began designing glass together regularly, they decided that they needed an identity that expressed their collaboration.   They chose Nunwell Glass, an identity that they could nurture and take pride in watching grow, and yet was separate from who they were as individuals.

We are husband and wife glassblowers, Andy Pyle and Leslie French.  “Over the years following our meeting in a glass studio in Kent, CT in 1986, we found ourselves making more and more pieces that combined our separate interests in glass (color for Leslie, silhouette for Andy) so we founded Nunwell Glass in 1990 as a means of focusing this fusion of ideas (still a work in progress). Married in 1992, we bought our home in Lime Rock, CT in 1996. Our studio was completed in 2003.”


Nunwell Glass - Sleeping Cats - Group of Three

Nunwell Glass – Sleeping Cats – Group of Three