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About Us

Our philosophy or mission is simple

We strive to spread our  joy and love of fine art and fine craft. We support those like ourselves, who strive to make a living in this mass produced world of ours with their hands, their hearts. While at the same time, we understand that the buyer is at least half of the equation. The owner/patron is the other half of any object of Art.  So we also strive to keep prices fair and reasonable. The gallery is covered floor to ceiling in world-class artwork, of many, many different mediums and prices from 22.00$ for Adajio earrings to $10,000 studio built furniture.


This is a little bit about all of us here at Gallery 150, a smidge of history as it were. We are goldsmiths who specialize in making anticlastic hand formed, hand raised gold jewelry.

Back in 1995 we desperately needed a new shop, a new home for the business Jerry Scavezze and Susan, his wife bought the building now known as Gallery 150. He had it remodeled and we moved into the back and rented out the front of the building.  We were thrilled to have the space for our growing business.

That was back in the days when the artists, who have always been here in Salida were just beginning to work together. Over beer and breakfasts, Artwalk was born. Galleries were beginning to spring up in downtown Salida. The first few ArtWalks, we (Scavezze/Goldsmith) actually opened up our studio to the public. Our studio like most studios is no place to show jewelry.

It became obvious Scavezze/Goldsmith needed a clean place to show our work. A successful Art Reception/Opening involving Charles Frizzell pretty much sealed the deal. We opened up one side of the building as a Gallery in November 1998 and thus Gallery 150 was born. Nationally recognized artist Charles Frizzell has been with us since the very beginning. We are forever grateful for his help, from hanging our walls to advice.

Despite the ups and downs in the economy Salida artists continued and still continue to make little Salida Colorado one of the top small art towns in America. As Salida’s reputation as an art mecca grew so did the gallery and our need for more space. In May of 2007 we doubled our size. With the help of Gary Hand, we remodeled again; cut a gorgeous arched opening between the two spaces and became the gallery we are today. It was this remodel that allowed us to carry fine studio furniture. Gary Hand and Keith Gotschall were voted #1 and #2 is this years local voting for Salida’s best craftsman. We are honored and pleased to represent them both. Congratulations guys!

Jerry Scavezze and Toni Tischer run the gallery, both nationally recognized Goldsmiths who continue to make anticlastic jewelry in the back. We still often greet our visitors with aprons and dirty hands, which proves us a working studio. The Gallery is one of our works in process. It is an on going series of improvements and adjustments.

Jerry spends many weeks out of the year traveling, taking our work out on the road doing shows. This traveling has allowed us to view and acquire both new art and artists from all over the country. We represent both local artists and artists and fine craftsmen from all over the country. This makes Gallery 150 a truly world class gallery.

Jerry Scavezze

Toni Tischer